6 Best Practices to Promote Your Product on Instagram

6 Best Practices to Promote Your Product on Instagram

Nowadays, using social media platforms is an effective way to promote brands. Every brand uses a different approach to promote products online. Instagram is a better place to reach a younger audience than other Social Media platforms. It is a free promotional tool to measure the performance of your posted content. Contents should be more interactive and engaging. If you start creating content, buy instagram views to take your content exposure to the next level. Let’s roll on this article!

Why Should Brands Use Instagram to Promote Their Products?

Instagram users stick with the platform for an average time of 30 minutes a day. Using related hashtags, Creating user-engaging content regularly will uplift your social media presence.
Going right to the topic, let’s see the best practices followed by the brands to promote their product on Instagram.

Regular Use of Stories

Instagram Stories is a feature available at the top of the feed page which disappears after 24 hours. It is a post that plays a video or photo for 15 seconds. Instagram allows brands to run ads in the story section. It shows the swipe-up option to achieve what you expect from that advertisement.
Post stories frequently, research the time which is better for your niche, follow the story schedule, and keep track of them to measure the performance. Learn to use the filters and stickers on Instagram to make the story more attractive. Add muted captions for the stories to keep your audience informed about the story you posted.
You have the chance to reach more audiences while using the story ads because the Instagram algorithm works in a way that shows promotional content on top. In this feature, you can engage your followers with interactive stickers. You can also use Inzfy as an add-on to highly boost visibility and interact with the potential audience.

Pinning Best Posts and Stories

In your Instagram profile page, the first post informs the visitors about your page, so use the first three spots to pin the best posts of your profile. Instagram allows users to pin posts on their profiles. The story highlight option saves the best stories permanently in your profile.
It’s better to pin the most popular post or the Grid post in your profile. The pinned post should be more attractive and familiar to the targeted audience.

Using User-Generated Content for Better Reach

User Generated Content is posted by the people who are using your product. These persons are your consumers or general audience interested in your product. They create content, tag you, mention your brand in their post, or send the created content directly to you.
UGS has a record of better reach because the content is created by those using the product. Although not created by you, this type of content is more valuable because trustworthy to the viewers.

How to Use the UGC Content Received From the Customer?

You will get notified if your customers share UGCs by mentioning your brand name. Be more cautious while choosing the UGC content while posting it. Choose positive and attractive content which makes your audience get engaged. Remember, Inzfy says to select posts that match your brand theme, do some edits and add filters that meet your brand theme, and then add that content to your profile as a post or as a story highlight. Get permission from the creator before reposting the content.

Get the Influencer’s Link to Attain Your Goal

Who are Influencers?

Influencers are the persons who have more followers on social media. They will help you promote your product and increase your followers by introducing your brand to a broader audience.
Choose influencers who are a perfect fit for your brand, and also do research before choosing influencers. They are the brand ambassadors. For this service, you should pay the influencers. Some will ask for a fee, and some will accept the product.
When the influencer uploads content about your product, their followers will explore your page and follow your account, which helps you to reach their feed directly.

Use Hashtags to Promote Your Product

Hashtags are phrases without space between words, and they head with the (#) sign. It is used by different users who are talking about the same topic. Therefore, all posts with the same hashtag appear on the same page.
Use limited hashtags for your content. Contents having a maximum of 11 hashtags are performing well. Use 11 Hashtags or below to increase your visibility.

Open the Door for Your Audience to Know About Your Business

Followers get engaged when you are exposing what you are doing. For example, update about the upcoming project in which you will work. Going live and answering the questions are the best way to let your audience know your business well.

Wrapping It Up

The above-mentioned factors are best practices for your product to get better reach and more followers. So try to use these strategies to improve the product to stand unique among your competitors on Instagram.