How to Increase Your Brand’s Engagement on Instagram?

How to Increase Your Brand's Engagement on Instagram

Maintaining a good relationship with customers is essential to run any business successfully. In return, these customers will pay your business back by showing brand loyalty. Studies indicate that companies that maintained a good relationship with their customers witnessed a revenue increase of 80%.

Instagram, the fourth most popular social media platform, has 2+ billion monthly users. As a result, marketers have started using Instagram to build a digital presence for their brands to reach their target audience. A meta-commissioned Ipsos marketing study indicates that users consider Instagram a number one platform to follow their favorite brands. If you’re a brand prioritize to buy instagram reels likes to establish a good digital presence on Instagram. It will help promote brand visibility and boost engagement.

Now that we know the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your customers and the usefulness of Instagram for marketers. Let’s dive deep into learning how to boost brand engagement (building client relationships) on Instagram.

What Is Brand Engagement? Why Is It Even Necessary?

Brand engagement refers to brands building and sustaining good customer relationships. Ex: Customers buying products from you continuously is an example of brand engagement. Brand engagement helps customers to exhibit commitment and loyalty towards your brand and its offerings. Building brand engagement is one of the most important goals for most businesses as it helps them achieve the following:

  • Brand engagement helps in retaining customers.
  • Customers will continue making use of your products and services.
  • Brand engagement helps with product development and improvisation,
  • Brand engagement helps get new customers and helps increase sales.

Four Powerful Strategies to Boost Brand Engagement on Instagram

On Instagram, customers or potential customers show brand engagement by interacting with the content you post. Interaction with your content includes the act of liking, commenting, sharing, and saving your content. The stronger the engagement, the more the purchase your customers are likely to make from your brand. Additionally, you can use FollowFormation to attract more audience to your profile and boost engagement.

Here are the four powerful strategies to help boost brand engagement on Instagram

1. Assess Your Current Levels of Engagement on Instagram

Knowing your existing levels of engagement is a perfect place to start. Before we examine the engagement aspect, ensure you are using a Creator or a Business account. To gain insights into how well your existing Instagram audience engages with your content, go to your Instagram profile and click on the insights action button. The engagement metrics you seek will be available in the “overview section.”

The engagement metrics will show how well your audience engages with your Instagram reels, posts, lives, stories, and Instagram feed. Instagram also shows the content type that your audience engages with the most. Hence, using this knowledge would be beneficial while creating content.

2. Post High-Quality Content

Creating content for your audience that adds value to their lives is crucial. Ensure the content you create is rich in information and visually appealing. In addition, your Instagram content should prompt your audience to save it for future reference or share it with others. Sharing and saving content on Instagram are the two most excellent forms of engagement.

Use video content like reels and Lives as much as possible. Studies reveal that 91 % of Instagram users view video content regularly. You can also buy instagram reels views to get more people to watch your valuable content. It results in promoting your content further and drive engagement.

3. Use Niche-Specific Hashtags

Using hashtags specific to your niche helps tremendously to reach your target audience, making your posts highly findable. In addition, niche-related hashtags help increase Instagram engagement among audiences with similar interests. Doing hashtag research using the search bar on Instagram will be very useful. Use hashtags with related posts ranging from 5,000 -500,000.

4. Interact With Your Audience

No soul in this world likes to feel left out. As humans, we all like to stay connected, heard, and be understood. The same logic applies to businesses too. Respond to queries asked in the comment section, DM’s, and in the posts, your audience has tagged you in. The more you respond to your audiences considerately and promptly, the more likely they will engage with your content in the future.

Final Thoughts

The four powerful strategies we have shared in this article will help you get a higher engagement rate. We recommend you to use all the 4 strategies and choose the ones that suit your brand.