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The Bake Off - A Delivery From Matt Davey to Laura Baxter


The Bake Off - A Delivery From Matt Davey to Laura Baxter

You may have noticed by now we're growing a little community around baking within Norwich. We've been asking local friends and family who love baking to provide us with some of their best creations, in order for us to sell them online to local people who'd love to have cake or other baked goods, delivered to their home, place of work or school/college/university. All money earned is then handed straight back to the bakers themselves.

We're into week 6 now and our Twitter followers seem fairly comfortable with the process. We've established that 2 batches of cakes is enough per week to satisfy demand; not a huge amount we know but we'd be busy doing this all day everyday if we had too many. We run a web design and development agency don't you know? :-)

Anyway, todays offering of Dark Chocolate and Cherry cupcakes came from Sara-Lee Groom. Sara provided us with some amazing Orio cupcakes last week so we were more than confident of her abilities and she didn't let us down, these cakes looked fantastic.

So when our first ever customer, from Week 1 of The Bake Off, Matt Davey got in touch we more than happy to fulfil his cake needs. However, the twist was, Matt wanted to pay for the cakes and have us deliver them to his girlfriends office in Norwich. This wasn't an option we'd considered before, but was in no way a problem. The Bake Off transactions are normally cash only and made upon delivery of the goods; we're keeping it old school. Anyway, we provided Matt with a Paypal address from which to pay us (fortunately Matt was happy to cover those pesky PayPal costs too, kindly).

At this point, it seemed only sensible to suggest we include a greetings note of some sort along with the cakes so that their recipient, Matt's girlfriend Laura, would know who they were from. A quick trip to the local card shop, a search for a bench on which to sit and write the card and a quick direct message on Twitter to Matt and we had ourselves a greeting. This was also a good opportunity for us to jot down a quick message from The Bake Off too so we included the URL in the hope that Laura might be tempted to show her friends and spread the good word that is Cake!. I set off to Laura's office, taking a few snaps along the way to document the journey (see below).

Upon arrival, a female voice answered the doorbell and invited me in. It was at this point I made eye contact with a nervous looking Laura who was clearly perplexed about what this strange delivery was. I trotted up the stairs to her office and handed over the gift. A smile beamed across Laura's face as she was surrounded by her work colleagues, eagerly anticipating a taste of the cakes. We took our customary photos of Laura and her friends before departing back to PANDR HQ.

Anyway, we'd like to thank Matt for the gentlemanly gesture he decided to pay his girlfriend today and we hope this acts as inspiration for all you other gents out there who might like to surprise someone close to them one Friday afternoon, with the gift of cake: a mother, sister, girlfriend, grandmother or anyone come to think of it. Girls, you too!

Anyway, for all the photos and evidence of how good the cakes looked, check out the photos below!

Further photos…

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