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The Bake Off


The Bake Off

We're been thinking about what fun ways we can make use of local people's fantastic skills and enable them to share their creations with the rest of the world. We're big cake fans here at PANDR so this seemed to be the obvious avenue; that and it seems like we know a lot of people who love to bake.

Kathryn Wright and her lovely cupcakes

So every Friday for the next few weeks we're going to post pictures of bakers and their baked goods onto a Tumblr so that people in the area can submit a figure of how much they would like to donate for the cakes, before I (Pete) deliver them by hand, on my bike, or by foot, depending on the distance being travelled.

I know what you're thinking: "I'm in X (insert place name that is far away from Norwich), are you really going to cycle here to deliver me a couple of cupcakes". In short, no! This is just a local experiment at the moment and i won't be donning my lycra for 200 mile round trips. I'd hate to think what state the baked goods would be in by time i arrived also.

So, if you're in Norwich, perhaps you work at a shop, or you're in an office, or you work from home, in the city center preferably, then drop by, leave your preferred donation amount and if you're the highest bidder by the cut off time (TBC - depending on interest), then you'll get a visit from Pete before the day is up.

Cake eaters be aware, I will want to take a photo of you holding said cakes in order to post onto our Tumblr alongside the baker who provided your goods.

Anyway, enough with the chit chat, here are the cakes:

Kathryn Wright and her Dolly Mixture Cupcakes on The Bake Off.

Jess Turner and her Owl Cupcakes on The Bake Off.

Kathryn Wright is our very first baker and has cooked up some very sweet and delicious looking cupcakes for someone in Norwich to consume. Go check them out and leave a comment with your preferred donation amount on it.

Further photos…

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  • Bettie

    April 10th, 2013

    A colleague referred me to this website. Thank you for the resources.

  • Lara narkiewicz

    July 13th, 2012

    Please can we have some cupcake asap? The office has asked specifically for the owl ones, if at all possible. We have 6 pounds. Thanks!

  • Matt davey

    July 13th, 2012

    Hi I'm at 27 St Andrews Street and have £4 for some cupcakes!

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