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PANDR at LeeFest 2012


PANDR at LeeFest 2012

Last weekend Rob and I (Pete) drove down to South London to help The 405 folks setup their impressive Bell Tent, backstage in the press area of LeeFest. The Bell Tent was super simple to put up and took no more than 30 minutes or so. This was the first time we'd done it, so i have no doubt we'll be able to do it in about 15 minutes next time.

Playing at LeeFest this year were the likes of Jakwob, Bastille, Ghostpoet, RAF Daddy, Mystery Jets, Summer Camp and Slow Club. Ghostpoet was definitely our pick of the bunch. A lot smaller than all other festivals i'd previously been too but LeeFest was really fun nonetheless. The sun was shining all weekend too which was a bonus although we now have a couple of sunburnt PANDR's in the studio.

Jakwob at LeeFest 2012

All weekend, we were hustling artists into The 405's tent, plying them with penny sweets and cider, relaxing them with candles and recording them whilst they played acoustic sessions of their tracks. The sessions were all really good and welcomed a nice gathering of people round the tent as the music played. Standout sessions came from Matt Emery and Lost Cavalry

Here's a little feature video from the event, recently added to the LeeFest website.

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