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Norwich Ruby User Group - Open Hack Night


Norwich Ruby User Group - Open Hack Night

Last night we hosted the first NRUG Open Hack Night. This was an opportunity for us to spread the word about the Norwich Ruby User Group and invite people who specialise in other development languages, besides Ruby, to come along and work on a personal project for the evening, in the company of other geeks.

PANDR sponsored the event with beer and pizza which seemed to go down well and everyone tucked right in. Some new faces were in attendance besides some regulars, which was great to see. Enthusiasm for more events similar to this was high too and we plan to organise another one in the not too distant future.

Paul Grenyer who co-runs SyncNorwich was one of the new faces to the group and has very kindly written a very complimentary review of the evening.

If you'd like to stay up to date with other NRUG events we're organising then register over at Meetup and we'll let you know what the plans are.

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